Case Study

Wulvern House

As part of the Wulvern Housing’s £2.5m improvement plan, the SS Group were chosen to provide a state of the art security door system for all the apartment blocks on the estate.

Working in conjunction with housing officers, local residents and the police, we were tasked with finding a security solution that would improve the lives of local residents and make it easier for the police to tackle anti-social behavior.

Checking All Aspects

After a complete consultation with all parties we looked at all aspects of the job from colour and style to security, access and longevity.

All buildings on the estate were fitted with a security door system with anti-vandal intercoms and access panels. Residents were issued with special door entry key-fobs, ensuring that only they can gain access to the buildings, thus deterring any unwelcome anti-social visitors. These measures continue to provide both improved security and ease of access for both tenants and the emergency services.


Neighborhood Co-ordinator Penny Hollingshead explains: “The security work has made a real difference. We believe this will go a long way to helping residents feel safer along with the zero tolerance approach we’re taking on to eliminate anti-social behavior. I’ve got a close working relationship with the emergency services, Safer Communities and the Crime and Disorder reduction Partnership and we’re determined to make the estate a pleasant place to live.

Justin Parker from Wulvern Housing agrees; “The new door security system is a great improvement. It provides much needed reassurance and confidence to all residents.”